What’s the reason behind KubeBond ceramic coating success?

What’s the reason behind KubeBond ceramic coating success?

When hearing the words “advanced” and “high-performance”, we might be tricked into thinking that KubeBond ceramic coating is a product created in the California Silicon Valley, or a technological hub in Japan. However, with a quick search on the internet we will soon find out that this brand was actually born in Taiwan, a small country in the middle of the ocean of which some of you probably don’t even know the existence. Let’s find out what this “hidden champion” of automotive ceramic coating was able to achieve during those years and what’s the reason behind its success.


From local producer, to international champion

Since its foundation more than 10 years ago, KubeBond was able to rise from a small local coating product, to a brand that expanded its branches all over the world. Kubebond first started expanding to nearby Asian countries, and was able to successfully break through some very competitive markets. Some examples are represented by the Malaysia market which now counts more than 15 KubeBond stores around the country, the Singapore’s market with its high standards, and the Japanese market, where a successful partnership with the Subaru STI team granted KubeBond a name in the very competitive local market. Throughout the years, we were able to expand even further in South Asia to countries like Pakistan, where now KubeBond is one of the most famous names in the car detailing market. Nowadays KubeBond  is sold in more than 90 countries around the world, with its network expanding to the Middle East as well as some Latin American countries.


Facts have always been KubeBond’s best partner

What was the secret behind KubeBond global success? CHOOSE NanoTech, KubeBond’s mother company with a long experience in the semiconductor industry, believe that facts speak better than words. Being one of the few companies with its own production line gave us the ability to control the quality of KubeBond ceramic coating products in every single detail. Moreover, the implementation of our own testing lab allowed our company to test new ways to improve our products. Finally, the main reason that had KubeBond standing on the podium of automotive ceramic coating, was obtaining the SGS testing lab official certification for 9H hardness  ceramic coating more than 10 years ago, in a time where there was no clear definition for coating hardness.


Kube Bond: pioneer of car ceramic coating once again

Nowadays, KubeBond continues being a leader of automotive ceramic coating, with plans to expand to even more parts of the world. The ability to rely on facts instead of words it’s our company’s strength, and with new  products ready to bring another revolution to the market again, we are sure that KubeBond will keep being a leader of the automotive market for years to come.